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Starter Box

Starter Box

Full of Grassfed Certified Organically Grown Beef. The Starter Beef Box Box is an assorted variety of typical beef cuts.  For details please see below.

  • Organic Grassfed Starter Box

    Grassfed Organically Grown Starter Beef Box. The Family box contains an excellent variety of your typical beef cuts. Included in the box are

    • 2-Roasts (Either Chuck, Sirloin, or Round depending on avail.)
    • 2-Packages of Steaks (Rib,Porterhouse,T-bone, or Strip)
    • 2-Packages of Cubed Steaks
    • 1-Package of Stew Beef
    • 1-Packages of Hamburger patties
    • 5-1lb. packages of Ground Beef

    All packages are Vacuum Sealed to maintain freshness and longefivity and all steaks come packaged two per package. Certified Organically Grown means our animals are raised without any hormones, steriods, or antibiotics, and they are raised on Certified Organic Pasture that is free of chemical fertilizers, and herbicides. Our cattle are fed an exclusivley grass and hay diet throughout all life stages. 


    Unfortunately frozen beef can't be returned, if you are unhappy with your product and feel you should be refunded, please reach out to us to resolve the situation.


    All orders greater than $50.00 are offered with free local delivery. Local is defined as anyone within 40 miles of farm address. If you are outside of local delivery area please contact us to discuss alternative delivery or pickup options. We often will do longer distance deliveries if we can arrange multiple pickups at that location.

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