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Down on the Farm

What's Currently Happening on White Barn Farm!

cow with calves.jpg

Calving Season

Calving Season on White Barn Farm starts in March and runs through May. Our wonderful cows, have access to all portions of our farm, and they self-determine where they would like to give birth. They always have access to the barn, but the majority choose a nice grassy spot in the pasture. Once born, the calves are quick to steady themselves and within a few hours should be nursing and starting to walk. They don't wander far from their mothers for the first few days, but after a couple more days they start to run and interact with the other calves on the farm. The calves diet is mothers milk and green grass when they are ready. Unlike other farms, we don't separate the calves from their mothers, they are raised side by side until they are about 6-8 months of age. At that point they are weaned from their mothers milk, to allow the mother time to recuperate and get ready for her next calf the following spring.

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Planting Season

Planting Season starts in April and runs through the first couple weeks of June. White Barn Farm first plants a spring cereal grain (wheat,triticale,spelt,oats) as they thrive in the cool spring weather. It is often challenging to get an early spring crop in most years, but this spring we were able to successfully plant one of fields with some spring oats. After the Oats are in we start to prep the fields for Corn and Soybeans. Corn goes first, and the soil and weather have to be closely monitored to ensure that the young plants don't get frosted. After Corn, Soybeans are planted in the end of May or early June as soybeans don't require as long as a growing season. All of the crops planted at White Barn Farm, are sold or fed to some of the other Livestock. Our beef is always Certified Grassfed, so none of the grains, are ever fed to the beef at any point in their life on the farm.

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