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White Barn Farm LLC

Grassfed Organically Grown Beef Cattle

White Barn Farm is a Certified Organic family farm in Kinsman, Ohio. We strive to provide you exclusively grassfed, certified organically grown angus beef.

Our Story

Spoiled Cows Raised Organically

cows in grass.jpg

Spoiled Cows make the best beef! That has been our farm's story ever since the beginning. Our cows are never confined and enjoy a life of fresh green organic grass throughout their entire life. Why are they spoiled? The difference is in their treatment and diet; while some farms confine and limit their animals, our farm allows them access to all portions of the farm at all times. Their diet also spoils them, free choice grass and hay that is grown and harvested on our farm.

Visit our store or contact us to enjoy our amazing products.  Read on to learn more about our operations, products and activities.

Come on Down to the Farm!

6969 Orangeville Kinsman Rd


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